Thursday 16 June 2016


I've never really been one for puddings. It was a novelty when I was a kid, usually reserved for friends coming over or after a big Sunday roast. Ultimately I've grown up not needing a pudding and understanding it's an unnecessary luxury - so when I get the pudding urge, it's going to be good one. I made this for me and Jack a couple of weeks ago when it was still cold, so maybe it was a little more suited to then, but I couldn't hold this in my drafts until winter, I'm far too impatient. 


Wash and chop up the rhubarb into fairly large chunks (about 1-2 inches long) then add to the saucepan with half the sugar. While that's on a medium heat, dice one and a half apples into little chunks, then slice the rest for decoration. Add the chopped apple along with all the blackberries and a dash of cinnamon to the saucepan and heat while stirring. The fruit is ready once the rhubarb has softened but still holds its shape, and the blackberries have formed a sweet sauce. Pour it into a baking tray.

While the fruit is cooking, prepare the crumble. Rub the butter and flour together with your finger tips and then mix in the sugar and another sprinkle of cinnamon, also using your hands. It should be crumbly - not sticking together. Sprinkle a thick layer over the fruit mixture and decorate with the sliced apple. Bake for 30 minutes at 200C, not letting the crumble burn.


  • I chopped the apple into different sized chunks and added some slices to the fruit mixture because I liked the varied texture it gave!
  • You could add porridge oats to the crumble mixture (I think I actually did initially) which is 1) probs better for you and 2) adds a different texture.

I absolutely love the combination of apple, rhubarb and blackberries, it makes an apple crumble x10 better! I hope you likey too.

Polly xo

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