Sunday 28 October 2018

Lentil & Red Wine Shepherds Pie

I think a large part of English culture is cooking traditional family meals, like this, that are guaranteed to fill everybody up. And they're always meaty. Which poses an issue for those of us who have decided to cut out their intake completely, or (like me) think it's important to at least reduce our consumption, but really don't want to miss out on the hearty dishes we've always eaten.

Over the last two years I've stocked up on several vegetarian cook books to inspire this new venture, including The Hairy Bikers Go Veggie, which is a brilliant book because it's definitely written for meat eaters transitioning. (Well, it's marketed as a diet book so I just ignore the low fat commentary). My favourite chapter is the "we miss meat" bit, because they make a point to cook really hearty, traditional recipes, reinvented. And this shepherds pie is based on their Mushroom and Lentil Ragu, which means the leftover 'mince' would be lovely over spaghetti!

Maddeningly, I couldn't find the book anywhere. I don't know where the heck it could be, because it couldn't have left the house. Regardless, I know their ragu almost off by heart at this point, so the pie proceeded.

The marmite, coco powder and cinnamon are flavourings of my own which I think bring out a deeper flavour, and the parmesan (note that you'll need to source a vegetarian version) really makes the dish.

I used both Quorn and tinned brown lentils for this post, so thats half of each stated, however you can use one or the other if you like!


Sunday 21 October 2018

Creamy Satay Chicken

Satay chicken!! A firm favourite in my life. My boyfriend claims I never make enough of it, which is a compliment on the taste but maybe a consideration for my portion sizing. 

Earlier this year I had an extreme craving for skewered chicken and satay sauce, so googled how to make it and was surprised at how easy the recipe was! As always I taste tested while cooking and almost couldn't control myself - IT'S SO TASTY. I realised a dipping sauce portion was not going to cut it, so chucked in the rest of the coconut milk, extra of everything else, covered my meal in it and haven't looked back.

I know there's a curry version, so this doesn't claim to be that (with its lack of spices and all) but my god it's tasty. Peanut buttery, very creamy, and the tanginess is what makes it so moreish.

This is a meal idea post which will walk you through plating the whole thing up, instead of just the sauce. Jasmine rice, toppings and cooking times. It serves two people, and if you're cooking for any more than that I advise doubling the recipe in full! Let's go!

Wednesday 17 October 2018

An Impressive Omelette

Look. You've had a guest stay the night and you're in charge of showing them you are a competent host. You've checked the bread and it's mouldy. One banana on a plate will not do. That's okay. 

This omelette of dreams is also very filling  and can be super nutritious  depending what you decide to put in it!

My mum used to make these for breakfast all the time and they'd feed the three of us (as kids) before school. It's based on a Spanish omelette, with the chopped potato adding all that filling-ness, but with loads of toppings to personalise to your palette. 

It's a great brunch idea when you have more time to spare, but it's also great to portion out for lunches and you can easily keep it in the fridge for three days!

The reason you finish it off in the oven is because it's so thick the egg can take a while to cook, so covering it with a lid while frying will help speed up the process a lot!

Saturday 13 October 2018

The Easiest Banana Bread Recipe

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