Tuesday 21 June 2016


Do you like shopping? Pretty things? Covering your bedroom and or general life in creative bits and bobs? Good. I have lots of new buys to show you from some of my favourite independent artists -who you should all have on your radar!

Oh No Rachio - Good Vibes enamel pin - £7.50

How's your #PINGAME? I've seen Rachel's amazing pin doing the rounds on Instagram and she's even been featured on Buzzfeed for another! Her shop's range is cracking these days with a whole load of new products and I'm loving the sneak peaks of her process on snapchat/periscope too!

Hello Harriet - Kitty tape £6

This is my 2nd, maybe 3rd order of Harriet's iconic kitty tape, which I use for packing up orders (alternated between Gemma Correll's dancing pug tape). Go visit her shop for your monthly dose of feline and ink brush love.

Annie Dornan-Smith - Affirmation prints £10

Annie is a new find for me in the small bizz world! I've very much enjoyed following her over the past few months as she's just graduated from her Graphic Design degree as a top notch illustrator - much motivation. From her straight talking blog post about not giving an eff and producing the kind of work she's into, to following the launch of her new ranges (Confetti'd & Illustrated Affirmations) it's no wonder I've lured her up to Leeds for an art day and friendship. I just could not resist purchasing these prints and had a hard few minutes deciding which to go for - but to be honest, I think I'll be ordering two more as soon as I move into my new room and start working on a gallery wall! £££

Old English Co - She Designed A Life She Loved print - £13.95

This is a company I've been obsessed with for well over a year now. Between their massive selection of perfect (&customisable!) art prints and tempting homeware (I want the big spoon / little spoon pillow set SO MUCH but I'm worried it will inflict karma and I'll lose my big spoon) I'm surprised I've managed to keep my claws off the site since Christmas. I was kindly gifted this print ages ago and like the non blogger I am, forgot to post about it! So here, bask in it's glory, as I do.

And that's all I've been collecting recently! If you like these little small bizz hauls, do let me know! It will give me a much appreciated excuse to spend all of my dolla and get me a few steps closer to the Aladdin's cave type bedroom of nicknacks I picture myself wading through. Do comment down below/tweet me any small businesses you love so I can check them out for next time!



  1. That good vibes pin is so cute, I want one!

    Just Little Things

  2. love your small business haul- please do more! I'd never heard of old English co before this, deffo checking them out

    1. Aw thank you for saying so! Yes, they have such a brilliant style! x

  3. These are so cute!! :) I really want some of Harriet's kitten tape :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    1. It's SO SWEET. You can customise everything. x

  4. All of these items are so cute! This is such a great idea for a haul, it's so nice to cast a light on smaller businesses. x


    1. It is! I love sharing small bizz purchases too because it's all so new and interesting, people may not have seen anything similar before. x


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