Sunday 13 October 2019

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs with Garlic Bread

The pasta is not homemade, because I have not managed to ascended to that level of home cook. Atop my fridge sits a pasta maker, that I sincerely wanted two years ago, which has very sadly not yet left its box. Anyway....

I made this meal for friends coming over, and it turned out to be a great one for hosting. The garlic bread and pasta can be put to cook just before they arrive, or held onto if they're running late. The sauce and meatballs just need to be left in a warm pan to heat through once everything is nearly ready.

I've recently become addicted to early Nigella Lawson videos on youtube (you're welcome) and she said something very wise about how people often mistake cooking that takes time for cooking that's hard work. This is a great example of that, as nothing about it is very challenging, except deciding to dedicate a few hours to something you're going to really enjoy eating.

Read on to learn how to make meatballs and sauce from scratch and garlic bread out of any pre made loaf!!

PS: You don't even need the spaghetti. These meatballs on top of slices of garlic bread would be DIVINE, and we very much considered it.


Sunday 25 August 2019

Thai Fishcakes

Forever on the hunt for meal prep ideas? Never enough fishcakes in the shop bought two-pack to quench your never ending hunger for potatoey fishy goodness? Fishcakes are surprisingly simple to make, and this recipe is very no fuss, as all you need to do is whack them in the oven - no breading or frying required. Thai red curry paste adds the most tangy, moreish (and not too spicy) flavour and goes perfectly with salmon. You'll love them, and be very grateful that this recipe makes 14!

[I eat 3-4 fishcakes per portion. 1-2 would be a perfect snack.]

Thai Red curry paste adds all the Thai, lemongrass flavour you want, without being as spicy as Thai green curry. Simply add as much paste as your palette requires and you have some very tasty treats ready for tomorrow's lunch!

Recipe post sponsored by Tala


Wednesday 6 March 2019

Baby / Mini Quiche Recipe

Baby quiche! They're a lovely snack for lunch, to go on the side of a salad or even a midnight snack, and an inventive way to use up the odd ends of vegetables you have left in the fridge too.

Make these for the week, wrap in groups of 3-4 in foil and always have a snack ready to go!

In tupperware they should be fine for 4 or so days.


Thursday 14 February 2019

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken With A Creamy Mushroom & White Wine Sauce

I'm posting this one for Valentines day as it's the kind of aiming-to-impress meal that is actually possible and actually insanely tasty. Plus wine. 

Stuffed chicken breasts are ALWAYS going to be a hit. I think the classic is wrapped in parma ham, which is fine and nice, but bacon always works and you get more for your buck. Also, PSA, this is a garlic lover dish. Some would say Boursin stuffed chicken AND a mushroom/garlic/cream sauce is too far. I would not. It is what it is. It's the flavour palette I chose. You will both smell of garlic. It's fine.

Show me if you make it!
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