Sunday 25 August 2019

Thai Fishcakes

Forever on the hunt for meal prep ideas? Never enough fishcakes in the shop bought two-pack to quench your never ending hunger for potatoey fishy goodness? Fishcakes are surprisingly simple to make, and this recipe is very no fuss, as all you need to do is whack them in the oven - no breading or frying required. Thai red curry paste adds the most tangy, moreish (and not too spicy) flavour and goes perfectly with salmon. You'll love them, and be very grateful that this recipe makes 14!

[I eat 3-4 fishcakes per portion. 1-2 would be a perfect snack.]

Thai Red curry paste adds all the Thai, lemongrass flavour you want, without being as spicy as Thai green curry. Simply add as much paste as your palette requires and you have some very tasty treats ready for tomorrow's lunch!

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