Tuesday 24 July 2018

Repeat Pattern Tutorial

Since launching my very first phone cases I've been questioned for design tips & tricks by fellow aspiring designers (well I guess I better start calling myself an actual professional now!!) who also want to turn their ideas into beautiful products but don't quite know how.

Once you have a repeat pattern, you can paste it into any product template and send it off to print. I've actually always made my existing products' patterns organically (example from the archives), but wondered how on EARTH people could be bothered to do that for wallpaper or hundreds of meters of fabric. I now think back to that time I tried to make 3m of patterned Christmas wrapping paper by eye with copy & paste. Well *cough* it turns out designers do not do that. Queue one of the only days at uni I thought the £50k might be worth it. 

I'm honestly surprised how many college students still say they haven't been introduced to Photoshop & Illustrator (we'll be dealing with Photoshop in this tutorial so I'm afraid you need to at least have your 30 day free trial running!). But even then, I've found there is SO much you can do that you don't even know to ask how to do. You know? That's why I'm happy to start adding to my 'Design Tips' Instagram highlight. I would LOVE to see my favourite illustrators doing the same, because once you've left design school and you no longer have that community to learn from, what can you do but fester in your own techniques?

WELL. You can seek out tutorials like this, and I also have another (very good) recommendation at the end of this post, so scroll on!

Saturday 14 July 2018


Recently there has been a surge in (public) popularity for true crime - probably stemming from the infamous Serial podcast where millions got hooked on the did he/didn't he story of Adnan Syed. I think that's what started it for me too. These days at any silent interval - be it walking to the post office, cooking dinner or sat down designing - you'll find me listening with two ears or one eye to the story of an unsolved disappearance or a solved and fucking mental murder. Podcasts, books, Youtube & Nextflix - I'm over it all! In this post I'm going to share a few of the Youtube channels that I think are killing it at true crime.
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