Wednesday 17 October 2018

An Impressive Omelette

Look. You've had a guest stay the night and you're in charge of showing them you are a competent host. You've checked the bread and it's mouldy. One banana on a plate will not do. That's okay. 

This omelette of dreams is also very filling  and can be super nutritious  depending what you decide to put in it!

My mum used to make these for breakfast all the time and they'd feed the three of us (as kids) before school. It's based on a Spanish omelette, with the chopped potato adding all that filling-ness, but with loads of toppings to personalise to your palette. 

It's a great brunch idea when you have more time to spare, but it's also great to portion out for lunches and you can easily keep it in the fridge for three days!

The reason you finish it off in the oven is because it's so thick the egg can take a while to cook, so covering it with a lid while frying will help speed up the process a lot!


These are the ingredients I chose for this recipe, and it was very tasty, however it's really just one example! The fresh parsley was such a nice touch, there's something about fresh herbs that just amps up a meal and makes you feel like you're good at cooking. For 70p (Tesco) you can make one bunch last multiple meals, and they freeze really well!

Topping ideas:
Cheese: grated cheddar, chopped/crumbled feta
Vegetables: peas, bell peppers, mushrooms, green beans, spinach, kale, courgette, cherry tomatoes
Meat: chopped sausage, smoked bacon, pancetta, chorizo, ham
Meat alternatives: chopped vegetarian sausages, Quorn sandwich slices, Quorn bacon slices


Peel and wash your potato. Crush or squish your garlic with a knife, then fry in oil on a medium-high heat while you slice the potatoes into 5mm pieces. Make sure the oil is covering the pan, then cover the frying pan with the potato slices and cover with a lid.

Chop up the rest of your ingredients - if you're working with raw meat like sausages or pancetta, chop these up into chunks and add in with the potatoes while they brown.

After a few minutes check the potato slices have browned, then turn them. Add in the ingredients that need frying (here it's the mushrooms + chorizo) and pop the lid on again to speed up cooking. Remove the lid and stir if needed.

Add in your veg, and leave to heat up while you whisk your eggs with a dash of milk. Pour over the eggs. Add your cheese of choice (grated or in little chunks) then chop up your herbs and add on top. You don't need to work too fast as the omelette is so thick it will take a while to cook through.

Once it's beginning to cook on top, put the whole pan into the oven and keep checking until the top is cooked.

Remove from the oven and serve up! Remember the pan's handle is going to stay hot for a while, so don't touch it!! Don't be like me!! Cover it with a tea towel or something!!

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As always, let me know if you make it! I'd love to see photos on Instagram/Twitter of your very impressive brunches!


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