Thursday 2 August 2018

Big Ass Sighh Sale

Out with the old, in with the new. That's my mantra for this sale - even though there isn't a great deal of new and ready on the horizon just yet... JUST yet.

I went to university to develop my style, which I knew was stagnating. Back in 2014/15 I was making things that sold very well (by the standards of a 18 year old) however I knew I wasn't quite ready and had so much more to develop and learn before I could confidently fly the nest. And now, thank god, I have actually seen a progression in my design style and general industry know how. I've been ITCHING, YEARNING, to graduate and get on with it!

Throughout my 3 years at uni I brought out several new product lines, but eventually had to focus on my degree and let Sighh shred water until the FMP came and went. This means although the well loved items have stuck around, they don't really represent my style any more, and it's time to say goodbye.


I've been squatting at my boyfriend's place while we wait to move in to the new flat (bring on the 6th of August!) and currently I'm working out of his spare room, piled high with my belongings. Not the most practical launch situation, but I'm mildly amused at the idea of wading through boxes to find the correct pins and backing slips. I've missed working and just want to get started.

So what's included?

Basically everything! There are a few items I just don't make enough of a profit margin on to discount, like the transparent phone cases, and some products that will be sticking around for a while yet, however most things have something knocked off the price tag & your sale haul will add up to a bargain!

Some of these products (the Love Hearts & Sushi phone cases) have been with me since almost the very start - nearly 6 years! It'll be emosh to see them go, however I'm eager to develop my product line and see my new tone of voice take over.

Happy Shopping! & do tag me in your Sale hauls when they arrive - it helps spread the word! :)

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