Wednesday 28 December 2016

Illustration Friday - Rock

My uni course has a module called Responsive, where we need to enter competitions and do live briefs. Interact with real world, you know. We're compiling our submissions out of a few large briefs from places like D&AD and YCN along with as many little ones as we can manage. A fab weekly competition that most of my course are getting involved with is Illustration Friday. They bring out a new theme every week for students (and professionals) to submit work for, old or new, and it's judged on... a Friday!

I think weekly competitions like this, or any external group that push for you to post one new thing a month/week/day, are so motivating to be involved in. Having to be self motivated all the time can be exhausting, everyone falls down the creative block hole of doom every now and then, so keeping your eyes open for things like this can be what saves you. Does anyone have any recommendations?

For me, this got me back on track after Christmas. I have an ungodly amount to catch up on before next semester. *quiet scream*

PS: I think my logo is too big on these images, but I'm having such a mare with it that this'll have to do for now. I created all my branding using a brush on my iPad Pro (Adobe sketch app) but it's not on photoshop, I can't find anything close enough, so I can't redo it to size unless I use the iPad app and that is extremely long winded and I still might have to scale it sometimes. Breathe. I need to figure out a solution.


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