Thursday 31 December 2015

Uni Room Tour

This post was definitely more suited to pre Christmas. My room had stayed relatively clean for almost 3 months, solely because I was living under the constant belief that I would be writing up a room tour that weekend. Typico of me and my life I only managed to take these photos 2 hours before my train home to Surrey. I had just put myself through a massive tidying/organising sesh to make my return to Leeds as cosy and welcoming as possible... I even dug out the hoover.

Now, if any of you follow me on twitter/snapchat (@pollyvdsz) you may have heard that along with many areas in the North of England, my accommodation flooded on Boxing Day. So, everything in these photos is now in one of two boxes: "water damaged and smelly" and "dry and thrown into this box so probs broken lol". It hasn't really sunk in because I wasn't there and haven't seen any photos of my room in particular, but I know that the water level came up to mattress height so a lot of it is buggered. Very luckily we're all insured and are being put up in a hotel for the next few weeks, so it will be fine. But now, let's take a look at the room that once was...

9 3/4 pillow - Harry Potter Studio Tour | Christmas pillows - Primark | Pinapple & Kitty pillows - Amy Hodkin | Rose gold lamp - Homebase | Phone case - obv

Let's just get straight to the main attraction, my bed. It's where I spend the majority of my time, nicely tucked behind that curtain so passers by can't see me. Ground floor struggles. This is also where the vague colour scheme of grey begins. Did I mention I have an almost double sized bed? Just that little detail has made my quality of life SO MUCH better. Being comfy is everything. That double duvet was the only one me and Beth could find at 5:30pm on a Sunday (when we realised we wouldn't have one for the night and probably shouldn't have stopped for that 3rd coffee on the drive to Leeds as 90% of shops were closed) and is in fact the most comfortable I've ever had. Big up to Sainsbury's. 

Under my bed I have a couple of boxes containing clothes I didn't need in my wardrobe and other bits and bobs. My favourite is the box nearest the head of the bed where I keep pyjamas and a hot water bottle. It's V useful because it saves me from chucking my loungewear on the floor. :)

I wish I knew the name of the artist of those two grey prints! 

This is my view from bed. I aim to fill up that wall space with lots of motivational posters, and the two grey ones and two hidden behind that mound of scarfs on the right were from a print festival in the Corn Exchange. I've seen so many craft fairs and the like there, it's lovely! Next to my wash basket is a little radiator and just enough space for me to stand, warm my bum and think about life. Oh and the scarf mound is hanging from a set of hooks attached to the curtain rail. It hasn't fallen down yet...

Mirror - Ikea | Makeup bag - | Coffee print | Be good & Brave print | Grey throw - Ikea

Next to my bed is a set of shelves attached to the wall. I store all my face & hair items on top, as well as my water filter because the tap water tastes like metal and worry. Just poking into the picture is my desk chair which I've covered with a lovely grey throw from Ikea. It's a nice trick to improve an ugly (red) piece of furniture, and again, grey. I didn't take pictures of the inside of my wardrobe because that was the one relatively messy part, but I was so surprised that all the clothes I took with me fit just fine. On top of it is my pathetic drying rack which has bent under the weight of my heavy wash loads (I'm trying to be £ efficient).

Plants & their pots - Ikea | Kitty pot - Anthropologie | Mug - John Lewis | Tub - Ikea

Coal/teal print | Grid pot | Copper coaster - Anthropologie

Okay these shelves are my PRIDE AND JOY. It's so important to surround yourself with inspiration and prettiness so above my desk, I've done just that.  From the top left are my design books, held up by the most beautiful bottle of Vodka (thank u mum). The Tough Love prints I sold a few months ago are the biggest feature here, for when I need a kick up the arse emotionally. On the bottom shelf are more notebooks, mostly used as props for product/blog photography, more prints, the NICEST mug from John Lewis that was only £3 (!!), I also picked up a coral version which usually sits on top and matches the print behind perfectly (heh heh). I keep pens in the giant pencil sharpener and rings/watches in that ADORABLE kitty pot. And at the end I store my recipe books in a tub for easy access. I've scattered various plants and cacti around these pieces to add some greenery, which really does make all the difference. Remembering to water them is a right pain though. 

The mysterious red square in the corner is my notice board, but it's really ugly because it hurts to pin photos up so they're very scattered. It may as well not even be a notice board. It feels like wood covered in fabric.

Tray - John Lewis - Acrylic organiser - maybe Muji | White pot - Homebase

This is my attempt at desk organisation. I haven't photographed my desk as a whole which yes is a bit annoying, but we all know social media is only for the highlights. Along from this is my monitor, one of the best purchases ever because I can watch catch up TV & Netflix while I work, woo! Also I don't know why I have so many tapes. I can't use that many tapes.

Porridge soap - Lush | Soap holder - Homebase - Adorable milk bottle - I can't remember!

This is all I'm prepared to show you of my bathroom, as the rest is 40% toilet, 50% shower and 10% blue sink which nobody needs to see in detail. I probably should have photographed the mini basket (from Tiger) I have hanging from the hook on the back of the door. It's SO useful as it has three hooks under it which I use to hang my towels, and in the basket I store face masks. I really advise buying hooks that have more hooks, it's genius. 

Fun fact: on the floor I have a grey squishy matt that has a hole so it can surround a toilet's base. I bought this thinking I was very clever and wise but then got home to realise the toilet's base goes into the wall, not touching the floor, so now I just have a stupid shaped matt.

Black faux fur - Urban Outfitters | Camel - H&M | Green - Anthropologie

My coats hang just as you walk through the door, partially obscuring the already teeny mirror. Below them is now the shoe graveyard.

Little bowl - Urban Outfitters | Plant - a Florist in Leeds | White pot - Anthropologie | Copper plate - Vintage

I bought this large copper plate a few months ago, determined to find a use for it, and actually I think it works well as my little "essentials" drop off as I walk through the door. I've only forgotten my keys ONCE. On it I keep every day items like my keys, spare change, earphones and glasses, as well as some drinks to grab as I leave and a collection of nice tea bags (that I'll definitely be taking with me to uni now I've designed a travel mug!). In the pot I keep pins for the notice board, ready for when I'm prepared to use them. I usually keep a bowl of bananas next to this so I can have one in the morning as I usually don't have the time for a nice breakfast before uni.

And finally, I get to read this sweet piece of decor gifted to me by Beth (thank u) every day before I head out. I adore it.

So there's my uni room! If you're heading to Leeds in September next year and want to know a little more about my accommodation/how I'm finding it, pop me a tweet and I'll see if I can help :)

Polly xo


  1. As far as uni rooms go, yours is by far the cutest! Feels weird to say but I kind of love it! Hope everything gets sorted and is okay after the flooding :) x

  2. your uni room looks so perfect and cosy! I love all of the little touches that make it look like such a lovely home-away-from-home!x

  3. Love your room polly, hope everything gets sorted. I uploaded mine on my blog would love for you to take a look

  4. I absolutely love your room - giving me some serious desk inspo! I especially love that John Lewis tray, I've been looking for something like it for a while.

    I'm sorry you were affected by the flooding, I hope everything is okay!

    Lucy x

  5. I had the same thing happen to me. Someone on my floor pulled the fire alarm and the water sprinklers started going off. It definitely did not get to mattress height but it did get to outlet height. Anything plugged in was done for and the entire floor had this very distinct smell for the rest of the school year.

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta


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