Sunday 19 July 2015

Slimline VS Premium Wrap Around

Premium Wrap Around £18 (left) + Slimline £12.50 - £14 (right)

Hopefully you've seen my excited tweets/snapchats about the new cases coming out, because I'm VERY CHUFFED and want you guys to know all about them! When they first arrived I was adamant about replacing the current Slimlines completely, but soon realised this probably wasn't the best business decision. They are more expensive and not available for all the phone types that the Slimlines are. Excluding a significant part of my customer base just isn't justified when these cases have been well loved for two whole years! So although the Premium Wrap Arounds will be my case of choice from now on, I wanted to write out the pros and cons of both so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.


  • They cost less. I'm able to price these from £12.50 - £14 which is a competitive price, and affordable for younger teens/people on a budget.
  • Slim and lightweight. These cases are ideal for people who don't like having a bulky case on their phone but want the security of protection from scratches/minor bumps and something to make their plain phone less boring!
  • Case edges slightly rise over the screen of the case.
  • Easy to take on and off.
  • Although print is sprayed on, they are very smooth and more hardwearing than you'd think!
  • Designs only cover the back of the case, leaving sides transparent, which looks very sleek.
  • Easy to wipe off dirt, however can be stained over time.
  • Available for a huge variety of phone types.
  • 2 month guarantee.

Middle case is Slimline, two others are Premium.

  • Plastic has been known to crack. I have definitely noticed that my supplier is using an inferior plastic case type than last year, which has made me even more adamant to get the premium cases. I've never had a case crack before, and I put this down to being careful when I take the cases on and off. I know that a lot of people like to play with the corners of cases when they're bored by pinging them. This will definitely weaken the plastic, leading to cracking. Referring back to the last "pro", I am able to issue a replacement to most customers who experience any damage I deem a product fault.
  • Print is sprayed on. The supplier does add a protective layer over the print to protect it from wearing, but it can be damaged over time by sweaty hands/rubbing. for about 6-7 months this was a very big issue, but I'm pleased to say the print has definitely improved over the past couple of months and seems MUCH sturdier. 
  • Print is sprayed on (part 2). On phones with edges like right angles (iPhone 5, etc) this is no problem at all, the print is cut off in a straight line. However, on phones such as the iPhone 5c and Samsung Galaxies, the curved edges mean that when the print is sprayed on it spreads out. This distorts the design slightly along the edge, as it fades out to white. This is not an issue for most people, but I have had complaints.
  • Print can be stained over time, but most people replace their cases every 3-4 months so this shouldn't be much of an issue (unless you're an avid fake tanner who chose a white design).
  • Colours print darker. Any designer knows the PAIN of trying to get your work to print how it looks on screen. These cases do turn out darker than I'd like, which has limited my designs hugely. But this is no issue with black and white cases, which is why I've brought out a lot recently!
For two years these cases have been my best selling product, thousands of happy, returning customers can't be wrong! I just think my new alternative could make them a LOT happier...

Premium Wrap Around

  • These cases have a smooth, glossy finish just like the ones you'd find on the highstreet!
  • Case edges slightly rise over the screen of the case.
  • As hard cases, they offer more protection.
  • Colours print much brighter. This will open up SO many new possibilities for designs *squeal*. Previous case designs will also look much better, for example the "hidden gems" pastel colours will pop wonderfully. This means some designs will not be available in slimline, such as the Cocktails one, because the colours just DON'T look right dulled.
  • (A pro for me) I will finally be able to send phone case samples to potential promoters for review, because I'm so confident in the quality.

(The colour difference is really hard to demonstrate with the camera I used, as it tries to contrast colours so much! The slimline version looks a lot better here than IRL, so you'll have to trust my opinion. Also the Premium case on the right doesn't look as sharp as it is IRL because of the focus on the left case.)

  • They cost more than the Slimline cases. When I first started Sighh, the cases I saw other artists providing were Premium Wrap Around for £22-£30. I knew, however, my target market would just not be willing to pay that much. I didn't believe my designs worthy, either (they weren't). I searched for MONTHS to find a supplier who could provide me with a way to affordably stock these without bulk ordering 100+ of each design, in each phone model... (Look how many designs I have. That would be impossible.). So, I settled with the Slimline which are really good cases, just not what I've always wanted. So after two years of asking (nagging), this same supplier has managed to get the equipment necessary to produce the Premium cases for an affordable price, and I couldn't be more happy.
  • Pro within the con: These are only £4 more expensive than my current style. That's not even a McDonalds chicken legend meal, which would only last seconds!
  • Limited phone type availability. Currently these cases are only made for iPhones (4/4S, 5/5S, 5C, 6, 6 PLUS) and Samsung galaxies (S3, S3 MINI, S4, S4 MINI, S5, S6, S6 EDGE).
  • Tough to remove (they're territorial) but that comes with all hard cases.

So which would you prefer? Do you like your Sighh cases the way they are and feel no need to upgrade? Do you change your case regularly, so see no need to spend extra? Or do you prefer to invest in a case that'll last you as long as you want? Maybe you'll stick to Slimline for impulse buys and only opt for the Premium when you adore the design. Let me know!


Polly xo



  1. I bought my watermelon case a year ago, and its still in completely perfect condition so I'd totally be willing to pay an extra £4 for an even better one, as I know it'd last me such a long time! I love your designs x

    Lucy |

  2. This is so exciting! I am someone who never really changes their phone case. For me, protection is more important than design any day, and I am very fussy with it. I've had my phone for a good 18 months now and I've never changed the case. BUT your new range sounds so promising that I'll definitely consider buying one once I get paid next week!!

    I absolutely love your shop! As I said on Twitter a few days ago (I'm @lisakristinx), I've been following you for so long and had never been on your website. Now that I have - and with that gorgeous new range coming up - I'm definitely going to treat myself some time soon! (Plus, I NEED that tote bag... like, NEED).

    Lisa x

  3. love the look of the premium cases, the finish looks so professional! However I can never say goodbye to the slimline cases!

  4. The premium cases look fantastic! I love your designs but my previous slimline cases have both cracked quickly so I'm definitely interested in a better quality version. Good luck with the new products :)

  5. I bought one of your cases last year and it's still in mint condition I would not be opposed to spending a little more on a better quality phone case . Quality is money any way . Most people have the phones the suppliers Make the phone cases for so I don't think it's a big deal . Love all your products and can't wait to see you succeed in the further :)

  6. I'd be happier to pay even more than you're suggesting for the premium cases seeing as the quality and design is even better than the slimline ones. I have 3 of the slimline cases and although one has cracked (due to me dropping my phone a lot) the other 2 have lasted and are still in perfect condition. I will definitely be purchasing the premium cases!

  7. I bought my 'stop being a little bitch' case nearly a year ago now and it is still in almost perfect condition apart from as few scratches and chips here and there from where i've dropped my phone. It has definitely been a worth while investment and i would be more than happy to pay that little bit extra for a premium case as i know the quality will be even better than it already is! Quality does not come for nothing! As a proud owner of 3 slim lines, i am so excited to welcome a new one to the family :)

  8. I have had one of your cases on my phone for like 10 months now and although it is getting a bit dirty ( I defo need a new one haha) the print is still amazing and the case has retained the quality. The added cost of the premium case wouldn't bother me if it was a design I really liked :) I think it is good you have both choices though for different targets xx

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