Thursday, 11 June 2015

"This Bag Contains" Tote

Release date: 13/06/2015 | £12.50

Cardigan & roll neck crop - Urban Outfitters | Skirt - Topshop | Watch - Daniel Wellington
Photos by Beth Norton

I've been harping on about these tote bags now for weeks on all my social media, but I do hope you're not too sick of them yet! I'm just SO. Bloomin. Excited.

Originally I was going to use a supplier for these, but when I realised their maximum print was about 18cm^2 I had to look for other options. This design needed to span the entire bag or the "crumbs" would look silly. Thank goodness they were willing to sell me plain bags, and I had other means of printing. 

Charlotte (the northern Graphic Design student angel) (soon to be Sighh employee/co designer), with help from Lo and the technicians at Leeds College of Art, managed to screen print a batch of these the day before she left to go home for summer. Unfortunately most ended up with patches where the screen had dried up with paint, so for the past two weeks I've been making my way through them, paint brushes and fabric ink in hand, so they're as standardised (perfect) as possible. However I still need to sew logo tags on half of them, and iron them all...

Although I do love sleek, professionally printed products, I've always wanted to stock hand made items. They're naturally more special for the buyer as real love and hard work goes into every single unit. So when I move to Leeds for uni (squirm) me and Charlotte will be blasting out the hand printed tote bags, art prints, note pads... MANY THINGS. The thought of LCA's extensive resources being at our finger tips (for cheap) is just... YAY. I can't wait to do blog posts on the production process!

So there it is, Sighh's first tote bag. Hopefully one of many in the set! I'm thinking a for-school version would be awesome.

The Beach Bag version will be released early July! And comes with an Instagram giveaway... stay tuned.

Polly xo

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