Saturday 2 May 2015

My Lush Collection

I've just spent an hour of my evening, crouched in a bath tub, photographing this lot. What are your hobbies like?

Today I'll be going through the little Lush collection I've accumulated over the past few months, and discussing how I've found them. I think Lush is a wonderful company from their ethics to their branding and sometimes you need some natural, calming goodness.

Summer is coming, and this year I am going to wear backless tops without feeling self conscious. Want to know why? MASK OF MAGNAMINTY. This is a mask you can apply to your face, chest and back to sooth and clear skin. I don't have acne, and have never been prone to spots except for on my back since I was 15. Shower gels and brutal exfoliating with flannels didn't help so I hid myself under cardigans all summer. Sun does help, a great deal, but sunburn on spots is horrible. After using this two or three times I noticed a massive difference. Being naturally preserving, mine lasted for three months! Definitely worth your money.

Always on the look out for a shower gel who's scent will linger on my skin all day, I opted for a mini version of "It's Raining Men". It smells like honey, but not sickly sweet. You can scent your body and hair with this (it lingers on the hair well!) and I also run it into the bath which creates LOADS of bubbles.

I'm not really a bath bomb addict, preferring a soothing bubble bath or oil over glitter and fizzing, but every couple of weeks I pick one up as a little treat after a long day at work. This "Honey Bee" smells lovely. I also love the "Yuzu and Coca" Bubbleroon as it smells divine, produces lots of bubbles and I get up to four uses out of it.

I've always struggled with a sensitive, flakey scalp and throughout adolescence used anti dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders. However after opting for my fake dark roots (NEWS FLASH, I'm a mousey blonde masquerading as a natural brunette with blonde ends) I had to switch to "colour protect" hair products, which flared me up every few weeks. Itching my way into town and scared of more chemicals, I headed for Lush. I was recommended "Super Balm" and now here comes my mixed review...

It works. It definitely calmed down my skin; the itchy irritation vanished right after use and what little flakiness I had, vanished. However, both times I've used this (yes only twice.. for £12) it's left my roots in a ridiculously greasy, thick, hard state. I once used it the evening before work and woke up with hair that weighed a ton and looked matted. It took two rounds of shampoo to make the slightest difference and I was horribly self conscious for the whole day! This is also a preservative free product, and upon opening the tin for a photo I realised it had moulded and had to be chucked out.

The probability is I've been using it wrong. The reviews on the website are incredibly positive, which I can agree with as it's exactly what you need on an irritated scalp... but the side affects suck. If I was to repurchase, as I probably would in an emergency, I'd ask an employee exactly how to prevent greasy hair and keep the tub in the fridge.

After reading Helen's Lush mini haul which included this "Big" shampoo I decided to give it a go. It's salt based, which claims to volumise as well as soften. Like hell does it volumise. Okay, I have extremely flat hair, which may defy the most volumising of volumisers, but I was really hoping this would work. It does however leave my hair the softest it's been in months, and shiny for the fist time EVER which I'm super happy about, so I'm definitely using it up. The formula is packed with salt, which isn't the nicest to step on in the shower, so keep that in mind before you topple over in surprise. 

So that's it from me! I've had and loved other products, but I think this post is long enough without me reminiscing on skin care that once was. What are your favourite Lush products and why? Does anybody know of a scalp soothing, colour protecting shampoo & conditioner? Help a girl out.

Polly xo



  1. I think you should try lush butter ball. It is one of lush simple products however it leave your skin so soft and silky. Great post I will definitely be trying the big shampoo xx Rianna

    1. Thank you :) personally I don't really use body moisturisers but thanks for the tip!

  2. I'm a little confused about the 'Big' shampoo. Are you saying it didn't volumise your hair but did leave it soft?
    I think that's what you said, I'm just being dim haha x

    1. (also, your photos are so lovely! The who composition is beautiful!)

    2. Yep that's what I'm saying! My hair has never been so flat, but I think that's just because it's so soft, so I'll take it. x

  3. Amazing post! I really want to try the BIG shampoo! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Yay more lush products I can buy! Great photos and thanks for the tips, I love the Mask of Magnaminty I did a post about it a while back and I'm still using it!

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