Saturday 7 March 2015


Hi, hello, it's me, Polly. The one with the shop. I'm about to start blogging, fo' real, and I intend it to be pretty great. There is so much I want to talk about that 140 characters and some well filtered square photographs just can't communicate, so it's definitely time to venture into new social media territory, new shiny camera in hand. I am an extremely busy human, but the priorities I've had for the past couple of months haven't been making me happy. I really need something new in my routine, and for now I'm naively under the assumption that blogging will not only spice it up, but maybe relax me a little. In reality it will probably add a whole new layer of responsibility and stress but it's nice to not focus on that.

I'd like to point out, for those who haven't already noticed, that I'm not a particularly good writer. The lazy ghost of AS level English Language is all that remains in my left brain hemisphere. Twitter took away what little grammar I once had and autocorrect is my best friend. However I think it's still set on American English. I do aim to use the online Thesaurus so my reviews don't just consist of the words "good", "gorgeous", "lovely" and "so good", but we'll see how it goes.

I'm going to aim to post at least once a week. I like the day Thursday so probably on Thursdays. I've never "themed" any of my social medias, so expect to see a wide range of posts. I'm thinking design process tutorials, personal style, hauls/wish lists, current/monthly favourites, art inspiration, running a business info and small business spotlights where I talk about little shops like mine that I'm currently loving.

I'm a dog person, my dominos order is a small Texas BBQ with honey & mustard dip and my drink of choice is a vanilla latte.

I hope you guys enjoy my content, I'm excited to get started!

Polly xo



  1. They all sound like awesome posts :) Excited that you're blogging! Lots of love to you chicken :) xox

  2. love the look of your blog, how did you get it to look like this? I cannot wait to read more! xox

    1. Thank you! I bought a theme from Pipdig, there's a credit banner at the bottom of this page which will take you to their website. :) x

  3. Lovely intro polly, can't wait to read you posts x

  4. Excited to read about what you have to say, really great introduction.
    Happy blogging!

    Katie, xx

  5. I love your twitter and instagram posts and i cant wait to add your blog to one of my favourites! Good luck! X

  6. Glad to see you have started blogging :) I blog on Thursdays haha x

  7. So glad you've started a blog! Love you designs and your shop! Been following you on Instagram for a while now. Hope things go swingingly!


  8. Thank you all! I appreciate the positive feedback :) x

  9. Can't wait to see you blogging more, I absolutely love your illustrations!


  10. Where do you study actually and what do you study ?
    I'm really interested about design and I would like to become a designer
    I am french, but I want to do my studies in GB so what can you advices to me ?
    (Sorry for my english as well and I just wanted to finish by saying that your products are just perfect, i see you have favorite designers, maybe you'll become MY favorite designer when i will enter to school i will say Polly Vadasz is my inspiration haha !)
    I hope you'll understand everything, i really hope
    can't wait to read your response
    I also sent you an email about 3 weeks ago if you could check it :)
    here is my email adress :

    big kisses from france
    cloƩ your little frenchie fan ;-)


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