Sunday, 31 December 2017

Accomplishments of 2017

Inspired by Adam J. Kurtz' tweet asking people to share and celebrate their top accomplishments of 2017, I've had a little look back on my own milestones of the year.

I like the concept of the new year and the potential it inspires. I try to use that weird week between Christmas and NYE to reflect and plan. Planning makes me happy, because I always have aspirations brewing, ready to be written down in whatever notebook I've picked up this month. Reflecting is hard, though. I'm the kind of person who really doesn't like to look back. I'm always upset or embarrassed by the past, so when I first saw that tweet I closed it without much hope. 

The negatives tend to stand out to me. I finished 2nd year with a 1% drop in my grade, made less money with my business than the previous year, had a shit living situation until summer and have recently dealt with quite a lot of negativity. So I in general I focus on moving forward.

However, I had a scroll through my camera roll and realised there were things that didn't deserve to be dismissed. I've had a lot of happy moments this year, I've done multiple new things that I've been terrified of and put off for years (see 1, 2 & 7!). So here we go:

1. For my 21st I finally dipped into my savings (that I've been strict with since starting my business) to take my boyfriend and I to Thailand for two weeks. We had a few scares, but ultimately didn't get lost or die an exotic death so that's achievement 1.5

2. I was featured on a podcast - a concept that until the release date was *absolutely fucking terrifying*. I love the internet, I dabble in talking to my Instastories, but there is something very vulnerable about having your voice out there on a platform where you have no control over who sees it (or listens). Cat interviewed me about life as a small business owner and student. You can listen to it here!

3. I took a long break from my business and came back with new ideas and refreshed determination. I had 5 months as a normal person and it as lovely, but what I do and go through with Sighh fulfils me. I just need to maintain an intelligent balance between the business and my final year of university so that I don't burn out again.

4. I won two YCN student design awards (as an Illustration student, having switched onto the course that year) and I am very proud of that. At college I'd take trips to the D&AD shows and hope that I could do the same one day, so to place in a national student competition was very exciting.

5. And from that, I did my very first design placement at a greetings card company and *loved it*. I've got a paid brief going that I hope to finish in early 2018.

6. The beginning of the year marked Jack & I's 1 year anniversary. Neither of us had ever had a one year anniversary before, so that was pretty special. And we're coming up to the 2nd...

7. Finally, I did something with my business that I've always been too scared to do. For 6 years. And that's sell at a craft fair. Sell in person. But Renegade 2017 came around and sell I did. It was absolutely wonderful to meet customers who had made the effort to come down for the fair, and I can't wait to do more.
So happy New Year. I hope you take the time to think about your 2017 accomplishments, because they will be there. Waiting in your camera roll. Repressed, forgotten, still important. You deserve to feel proud.


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