Sunday, 18 June 2017

Thailand Diaries - 28th May - Temple Tour

So after our nap we woke for 12 and quickly got ready to meet our transfer at 1. Slathering on the suncream and mozzie spray, we headed out to the tour car, not really knowing what to expect, but much more optimistic than yesterday!

Like Bangkok, every corner of Thailand seems to be effortlessly gorgeous. The colours, the texture of the pavement and walls, the overgrown plants... even piles of rubble at the side of the road look artistically placed. Staring out of the back of cars is my favourite pass time.

Our first stop was a weird one, the rest of our group were visiting a village up the road, so Jack and I had 45 minutes to walk around a Royal park, filled with tropical plants and little paths. Sorry for the lack of photos here, our main attraction was watching Thai bloggers pose in front of the best bits. This included some ultimate boyfriend goals that I suggested Jack should take a note of; one guy had reached up high to hold a large leaf down to the girl's face for a close up shot, and a few were lying on the floor to get a good angle.

I'm becoming increasingly sad that I can't hold Jack's hand in public [affection is a no no here].

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Our next stop was on top of a fairly large hill, with a long set of stairs that visitors climb up to show their sacrifice/worth before entering the temple. Unfortunately we didn't know this until we were in the lift, but I suppose the novelty had worn off for our tour guide.

If I'm honest, we were both quite uncomfortable at how commercialised the place seemed to be. Hidden away we found the story of Buddha where it appears to the wealthy giving up their wealth to live humbly, but everything here is painted with gold/paid for/made into souvenirs. I guess this is true for any religious place these days. I mean, we're the ones touring.

After a circuit of the temple, we walked up to the balcony where you could view the whole city of Chiang Mai. People were SITTING ON THE RAILINGS for photos. Oh my God. Or as the tour guide corrected me, "Oh my Buddha". 


We've googled what monks think about people giving money/buying tokens/painting statues gold to symbolise wealth, and apparently they don't care. A big factor in being a monk is being totally at peace with the world.


We decided that it was time for a dose of familiar food, so took to Tripadvisor and located the By Hand Pizza Cafe. Sometimes you need a little taste of home, and cheddar does that for you. 


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